Thursday, November 21, 2013

Where Was I Nov 22, 1963

It is interesting when we think back at the history during our lives, we remember some details better than others. Where were you when Kennedy was shot? I am sure every one of us can remember it as plain as it happened yesterday.

I was sitting in my Spanish class at Henry Clay Junior High School. Sr. Cisneros was our teacher. I can’t remember if we were writing or listening, but I do remember the announcement over the loudspeaker on the front wall of our room. It interrupted our class to let us know that not only had President Kennedy been shot, but he had died. We were kids so I don’t remember what our reaction was nor do I remember what happened at school the next few days. Seems to me, schools may have been closed.

I do remember hearing my dad say, when I got home, that it was such a shame. We were not a politically active family, though my parents always voted. Nor am I even sure my parents voted for Kennedy, but the idea of killing someone for whatever reason was beyond my father’s understanding even though he had served in WWII. Guns were unnecessary in his life.

I also remember my dad watching the TV when Ruby shot Oswald. He called to us to come quickly to watch what happened. Again, he could only shake his head in disbelief.

Where were you on this day?