Wednesday, February 23, 2011

from High Tech to Low Tech

Wow! did not realize it had been so long since I posted. I want to get back to my ancestors’ history but I need to share with my friends and family all the cool things I did in Salt Lake City.

I was soooo lucky that Michelle and Ellie (14mos) wanted to come with me so that made the trek so much more fun.

We arrived on a Wednesday; Carolyn picked us up at the airport but not before she locked her keys in the house. Michelle and I were content to sit and wait (what choice did we have?) which also gave Ellie a chance to nap.

While sitting there, we saw the Sleights. Alane was on her way to Alicia’s for the baby blessing and Don was going to follow on Friday. So funny in this huge world actually running into people we know.

Carolyn is amazing. She managed to get Michelle’s two huge suitcases and my med-large suitcase in the trunk and 2 carseats, a stroller, two babies and 3 adults in the car. Great job, Carolyn. (Should’a taken a picture of that!)

After running errands, etc, Michelle drove me to the Plaza Hotel where I was going to stay for the 3-day RootsTech Conference. The conference was great! As usual, I learned a lot. Saw lots of people that I knew from previous conferences and met a lot of knew people. Innovations at the conference were the play ‘n relax areas; the central “camping” spot for the bloggers, the hands-on workshops, the fact that the conference was for both techies and non-techie types. There was also a wider age range in the attendees than I have seen in the past.

My favorite quote of the conference was by Curt Witcher: “If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you have always gotten.” Interestingly enough, I can apply that to many facets of my life. Just the week before, my dog agility trainer told me the same thing when I could not get Skye to jump over a different jump; I kept giving him the same signal so he kept jumping over the same jump, duh!

There was some frustration with class offerings and logistics at RootsTech but that is to be expected when something so huge (3000 people) and so quickly brought together (7 months) has its debut. The keynote speakers were very good and not necessarily genealogists. Curt Witcher, however, is still one of my favorites and I had the privilege of hearing his keynote address AND attending the luncheon where he again spoke, this time specifically about societies. I came back with tons of ideas and have been overwhelming our TCGS president with them.

The rest of the week was spent with family. It was fun. We all enjoyed watching the 3 kids play together: Dallin, 8; Gracie, 4, and Ellie, 14mos. In spite of the cramped quarters, only one bathroom, and car jockying, it was a pretty smoothe and fun week. Michelle had fun cooking for Kris and Carolyn, Kris made us the MOST scrumptious pizza I have ever eaten (and probably filled with a gazillion calories—but so yummy). We saw Dallin and Gracie do their gymnastics (with 3 kids, 3 hours right at dinner time, the logistics getting there and back were interesting.)

We went to the ballet, the Carl Bloch Art Exhibit at BYU with Midge, Cheryl and Kaia, the temple, the Family History Library, the Lion House Pantry; shopping, walking, eating Graeter’s Ice Cream, crazy week…

We had warm days, sunshine, wind blowing so hard it nearly blew Gracie over; snow (so glad I wasn’t driving) and cold.

After 9 days away, though, we were ready to come home. Kris got us to the airport in plenty of time to relax. We let Ellie play in the kiddie play area for 30 min before we headed to our gate. On arrival, Bernie and Marshall were waiting for us with flowers (thanks to Marshall) and the ride home (2.5 hrs) was quiet and relaxing (Bernie does all the driving; I am so lucky).

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  1. Curt Witcher left an impression on me as well. Thanks for the conference recap!